Raika-SP is a medium activity, non-discoloring, non-staining antioxidant providing oxidation and heat aging resistance properties in natural and synthetic rubbers , elastomers and polymeric materials(polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane,…)

Because of excellent color stability of Raika-SP, it is widely used in white and light colored applications such as white tire side walls, cables insulation and sheathing, gloves, shoe soles, floorings, foams, carpet baking…


Raika-SP can be used at levels of 1 to 3 phr in formulation of natural and synthetic rubbers & their lattices, adhesives, resins and polyolefin’s to protect them from degradation against oxygen, heat and crack formation caused by fatigue and UV light.


Product Identifications

Product Name:                                   Raika SP

Registered trade name of Raika-SP from other company:

     Vulkanox SP: Bayer                                      Wingstay S:     Goodyear

     Naugard SP:   Uniroyal                                 Antigene S:      Sumitomo

     Agerite Spar:  Vanderbilt                              Antioxidant SP:          Uniroyal

     Montaclere:   Monsanto